Minimalistic yet bold, this rustic wall-mounted wooden wine rack display will be sure to draw attention,. Let's show off your most prized vinos in a cleverly compact way!

 Handcrafted in NSW, Australia, and naturally treated to accentuate the features of this recycled Oregon beam, this simple but striking design is a classic that will enhance your home decor.


Display facts:

  • Bottles of plonk held: 12
  • How it sizes up: 90(h) x 7(w) x 10(d) cm
  • Weighs in at: 2kg
  • Handcrafted in Australia by our partner Cellar V
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Note: This wall mounted wooden wine rack is mounted using keyhole mounting brackets that come fixed on the reverse of the display. Wall fixings not included. Fastener recommendations and instructions for mounting are included with the product. Vinotopia or Cellar V cannot be held responsible for stained carpets following cowboy wall-mounting methods! If you are unsure about hanging methods, please contact us first for advice. Velcro/hook and loop fasteners are NOT suitable!