Cooler Handbags


We proudly present...the newest addition to Vinotopia, Cool Clutch, a range of gorgeous cooler handbags

Cool Clutch is a high quality, innovative range of Ladies Cooler Handbags designed in Australia. After I trialled these gorgeous bags myself (absolutely loving them!), Suzanne, founder of Cool Clutch, and I decided that we just had to work together, as this range of products is perfect for our Vinotopia winelover tribe.

These stunning bags are changing the BYO experience from something very uninteresting to something that was functional, classy and elegant. Bags that could match an outfit, or be the centre piece of a fashion statement.  

We hope you love the new range as much as we do - happy shopping, ladies! 

All bags will be dispatched from Melbourne at $10 flat rate shipping. Please select "Handbag Flatrate" from our shipping options.