Madi - Black Faux Leather Backpack with Cooler Pocket

Madi - Black Faux Leather Backpack with Cooler Pocket


Ladies, meet Madi!

Who would have thought that something so beautiful could actually be a cooler bag. Well it is………..and it isn’t.

The Cool Clutch Cool Backpack is a gorgeous backpack and it is also a cooler bag. Amazing - functional, yet stylish!

Faux black leather with silver metal details and two long straps. 

Hidden inside this gorgeous pack is a patented removable cooler pocket -
An insulated pocket that is 30cm by 20cm nestled neatly inside the polyester lined handbag.

In addition to the removable thermal lined pocket, there are 2 open pockets and a zipped side pocket inside and a large zipped pocket on the outside. There is loads of room for your everyday items.

Pop you lipstick in the insulated pocket to stop it melting, add a bottle of cool water, your lunch and even your medication to keep it all cool stylishly.

The straps are clipped into place and can be moved to create a variety of handle combinations.


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