Robyn - Red Faux Leather Tote (Extra-Large) with Full Cooler Lining

Robyn - Red Faux Leather Tote (Extra-Large) with Full Cooler Lining


Whether you are off to the beach, the shops, the market or a picnic the Extra Large Cool Tote is an absolute must for keeping everything cool.

With the 100% waterproof lining the Extra Large Cool Tote is perfect for putting your wet bathers in after a day by the pool or the beach. Then put your novel in one of the 6 outside pockets so that when you get home you are not faced with a soggy soppy book.

Whilst you have been at the beach or poolside your Cool Clutch will have kept your sunscreen cool, your water (or vino ;)) beautifully chilled and helped stop your zinc and lipstick from melting.

Even if you buy this bag for your go-to Summer Beach Bag you will find numerous uses for it. The Large Cool Tote is far more elegant than a supermarket freezer bag when shopping. Pop your frozen or chilled items in your Large Cool Tote and you will find them just as cool when you get home. And you would have done it in style.

Throw in your cheese and wine, some beers and some chocolate and head to a picnic or BBQ. You will be amazed at how much you can get in this bag.

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