DIY Bellini Bar

Hey there Winelovers,

There is one really easy and visually stunning way to impress your guests, whilst also being the perfect ice-breaker for parties where some guests might not know each other – Your personal DIY Bellini Bar!

Step 1: Shop for the tastiest, freshest and most colourful fruit that are in season. Think mango, raspberry and peach. About 100 to 200g of fruit per guest is recommended.

Step 2: Set aside a few pretty pieces of fruit for decorating. Cut the larger ones into slices and add the fruit slices for decorating in little bowls or jars.

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Step 3: Puree the remaining fruit in batches and pour into pretty carafes that you can line up next to each other. If you like and it’s a really hot day, you can freeze some of the puree into ice cube trays. Don’t worry: if you don’t end up using them all, just reuse them for your healthy anti-hangover breakfast smoothie in the morning.

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Step 4: Get your favourite Prosecco – I highly recommend a King Valley Prosecco from the likes of Dal Zotto, Pizzini or Brown Brothers. These guys make some incredible Prosecco in Northern Victoria! If you’d like to go even more authentic, reach for a Prosecco from the Italian Valdobbiadene region. Bliss. (Note: Make sure the Prosecco is kept in ice buckets and really cold. Your guests will enjoy it so much more!)

Step 5: Let your guests go crazy and try their favourite combos.

We would love to hear your thoughts! Comment below or use the hashtag #vinotopia to share your DIY Bellini creation. 


Sandra x