How frustrating is it when you have heaps of stuff to bring to a picnic or a beach party, including a couple of bottles of wine, and you have no practical, yet stylish way of carrying them.

Plastic bags? Ugly, AND bad for the environment. Cooler bags? Nah - wouldn't be caught dead carrying ugly cooler bags to an event.

Well, we now  the perfect solution for you. The new Vinotopia Wine Tote! It took us a few months to perfect it, but now we are SO happy with it. 

And for all the overseas visitors to Australia (or simply passionate Aussies) , we've got this new "Australia Landmarks" design. Use it as a list to tick off all the must sees in our wonderful country..

In stock now.

Here's all the important facts:

  • Made out of thick, cream/natural coloured cotton canvas, with reinforced stitching on the tan handles- so you can carry loads and you don't have to worry about the tote breaking.

  • Two wine bottle pockets, one on each side - the most crucial feature for a wine tote, right?

  • A zip pocket for all the little bits and bobs, coins, opal card, credit card..

  • A key holder - because let's face it, who likes digging in their bags for their keys? Not us!

  • A phone pocket, conveniently placed on the outside so you can easily access it whilst on the go.

  • A magazine/iPad/Laptop pocket so those items don't just bounce around in your bag.

Also, check out our other wine totes with the following designs:

  • Aussie Wine Regions

  • South Australian Wine Regions

  • Victorian Wine Regions

  • Sydney Northern Beaches

  • Sydney Eastern suburbs/beaches

  • Sydney landmarks


I want this now!

Lastly, we have received a lot of interest in custom totes already - yes, these can be customised for your region, brand etc - minimum quantities apply. Please get in touch at Cheers!