Hi everyone!

This is Sandra. I'm the founder of Vinotopia, thus nicknamed “Miss Vinotopia” by some. :)

In this blog I’d like to take you on a journey of the story behind the brand Vinotopia and what we’re up to these days.

It was on a tiny island paradise, La Isla de Maïz, in the rainforest in Nicaragua, as I was on a one year sabbatical from my prior job in consumer goods brand management, and I was pondering my return to work.

La Isla de Maïz, a tiny Island off the Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua in Central America. No cars, internet, not much electricity, and lots of thinking time!

After months of traveling around the world, meeting wonderful, inspiring people and having lots of great conversations and experiences, I had a revelation about what’s important in working life: doing something that you’re really passionate about - not just what you're good at, studied at university or what you've been doing for all your life.

Sounds simple, and I'm not quite sure why it took me this long to figure it out - so why don’t we all just do it, right?!

..to be continued..

Sandra x