The idea for Vinotopia and what happened next

Hello again!

So last time I wrote about how you need to follow your passions, right?

Well..let's see, what does that mean for me: I love wine, beautiful things, and sharing that love of both, as well as traveling. Going to wineries is one of my absolute favourite past times as well - so the idea of Vinotopia was born: Creating beautifully designed products, designed as gift wares for fellow wine lovers, and working with wineries.

I spent the next months researching, designing, sourcing, getting to know people in the industry, project managing, and collaborating. And: Yes!!! That does include lots of wine tastings, events, and visiting wineries – could I possibly have the best job in the world?!

I will tell you a bit more about what it is that we have been working on and what happened next in one of my next posts..

Sandra x